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During this interesting time we are creating a new sustainable future. Not just one on top,
but a really new and authentic one. Our deep-rooted integrated way of working certifies creative solutions,
but is most effective in the least delimited field. We are made by where we came from,
but we can go towards what we can imagine. We are devoted, passionate and never stop.
And we know where we want to go tomorrow. Interested to know how?

We can help you and you can help us. Just ask to let us do or support your challenge. We always have ideas. A different insight on the approach will be your first return on investment. Curious to start something?


What’s new?

We’re building a brand new drivetrain for a small Citroen van of the seventies. Actually the Citroen van is brand new as well. Entirely rebuild and partly re-engineered. But there’s not much you can improve on a 2cv. Actually the project resulting in the new company car of markvanderwoning.INDUSTRIEELONTWERP is an hommage to the design team that worked in Citroen in the thirties/ forties of the past century. It’s such an effective and efficient car. Very well thought through. So the task was open to us to get it done. At the moment of this writing the last hand is put the the drivetrain. We cut the oil pan off a BMW 2 cilinder motorcycle engine, shortened it and welded a new dry sump oil pan to it. The bell housing is re-engineered, handmade while being smade shorter by 11 cm to let it fit under the hood. This in combination of a GS 4 speed gearbox. More images can be found on L’Hommage.2cv

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And what’s next?

Next is an especially designed large diameter lathe to manufacture a hubless wheel for a bicycle project we are running. Currently in 3D CAD Solidworks design, but soon downstairs in the workshop being weld together. Rotor diameter 850mm, effective bed width 150mm.

SOON MORE   Send us an email if you’d like to be informed by time.

Portfolio impression.

With our integrated way of working we realize distinctive products for our clients. We do our utmost best to create authentic, innovative and usable artefacts to ensure proud ownership and therewith a better sustainable life span. We strongly believe last mentioned goes hand in hand. Next to that the field we work in is very diverse and the experience achieved during projects cross-flows in inspiration for any upcoming work. We develop new functions resulting in patented technology. We design, engineer, calculate and build prototypes ourselves in our extensive workshop using professional equipment.

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